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Beth Forhman Success Story

Member Success Story | Beth Fohrman

We take some time to talk to Beth Fohrman, AFS member since 2014, and what her experience has been like working with Adam Carey during her MY90 program. What was it like before you were a member at Applied Fitness?

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Madison Cotner

Member Success Story: Madison Cotner

  “I have achieved consistency being a member here. I couldn’t get myself to go to a gym before, but AFS has helped a lot in that regard.” Madison Cotner AFS Member What was it like before you were a

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Importance of the Pelvic Floor

Your Pelvic Floor: Breath & Stretch

Part 1 Pelvic Floor Care: Breath & Stretch Introduction: In this article, Claire Baker explains the basics of how the pelvic floor functions during breathing and how it is important to relax and encourage mobility in the pelvic floor, as

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Woman lifting weights with a personal trainer

5 of the Best Personal Training Benefits

Personal Training Benefits We all know that working out can be a great way to stay healthy, build strength, and stay motivated while reaching your fitness goals, but it can also be difficult to stay on track. That’s where a

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Top 5 Footwear for Females in Fitness

Introduction In 2023, the active woman will have a multitude of fabulous choices when it comes to fitness shoes. Today’s companies are making shoes that are specifically designed for women’s workouts, offering superior grip, cushioning, stability, comfort, and more. With

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Is My Metabolism Damaged?

Can your metabolism be damaged? Some in the media and research communities suggest it is possible. We’ll explore the concept of metabolic adaptation in this video and what its role is in human biology. We’ll likewise review the potential signs

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How to Increase Your Protein Intake

Wait, what? Increase protein intake? I thought Americans ate too much protein? Well you’re right, kind of. Americans eat too much of everything: fat, protein, and carbohydrate. However, once someone is in a calorie deficit, protein is the one nutrient

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Baseline Body Comp and Pre-Measurement Protocol

As stated in the course, getting a baseline body composition measurement is vital. While generally we want to focus on process over outcome, we still do need a degree of tracking to ensure we’re making progress from a body composition

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