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A NEAT Way to Improve Your Health

We often think that to improve your health through movement you need to sweat it out in the gym. But what if I told this wasn’t necessarily true? What if you can do something much more profound for your health

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Strength Training: The New Cardio Revolution

For years, cardiovascular fitness was considered the epitome of what it meant to be healthy. Someone who could walk – or run – for miles was someone with a strong heart and lungs. That strong heart and lungs would help

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5 Benefits Of Resistance Training This Fall

As the refreshing chill of autumn ushers in a landscape painted with vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow, it’s the perfect reminder to rejuvenate and revitalize our fitness routines. And what better way to embrace this season of transformation

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6 Reasons Why to Take Your Workouts Outdoors

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, mental health concerns have become increasingly prevalent. However, the solution might be as simple as stepping outside and engaging in outdoor fitness modalities. Not only does outdoor exercise provide physical activity, but it also

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4 Steps to Build a Positive Fitness Culture

Once a week, I’ll visit my favorite coffee shop here in Ann Arbor, MI. A little place known as Zingerman’s, maybe you’ve heard of them? The amount of love that goes into sourcing the coffee beans, to roasting and finally

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Fasting & Fitness: What the Science Says

The practice of fasting has been around for centuries. Legend has it that the famous Greek physician Hippocrates recommended fasting as early as the 5th century BCE, for treating various medical issues. Since then, fasting has been used in both

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