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Endless support from a caring community helping you find the strength within.

Care comes standard. At AFS we realize every human has a story, and we care enough to slow down and truly get to know yours. We’ll use our people skills to understand you and our professional skills and knowledge to help you take control of your journey.
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Our Vision

Applied Fitness Solutions is a beacon of hope for those seeking a more fulfilled life. We are more than fitness. We are agents of change.

Our Mission

Through selfless service to others, we unite, empower, and enrich communities by offering accessible fitness programs predicated on personal relationships, science based evidence, and purpose-driven innovation.

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We want to take the time to get to know you instead of rushing to sign you up for ten things you don’t need. Let’s take the time and get it right, you’re worth it!


Respect abundantly and live graciously.


Elevate the team through every action.


See through others’ eyes, hear with their ears, and walk in their shoes.


Learn something new every day, teach something new every day, and be open to new ideas.


Trust and support one another to take action and accept mistakes as an opportunity for growth.


Be yourself, embrace the journey, and share the experience.

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