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About Us

Our History

Applied Fitness Solutions started in Ann Arbor, MI in 2007. We had a tiny 3,000 sq. foot facility hidden in a storage complex complete with cement floors and very little equipment. Luckily, we also had an idea! We wanted to bring together the invigorating experience of group exercise classes with the structure and support of having a personal trainer.

How do we do it? We’ve created a culture of collaboration rooted in caring. What’s that mean? It means we  put the time and energy into getting to know each and every one of our members and we see them as a whole lot more than a simple fitness goal. When on-boarded at AFS, our team of coaches works side by side with you to both ensure you’re attending consistently AND doing the mental work required to change your habits. Here’s the truth, all the information you need to be healthier is out there, but it’s not being served to you through the lens of YOU! That’s what we do. You are so much more than a number on a scale, and we get that-which is why we are more than fitness.

Over the years we’ve grown from one little storage unit, to a bustling Ann Arbor headquarters, a flourishing second location in Plymouth, and now a brand new 17,000 sq. foot location in Rochester Hills. Our success is and always will be thanks to the relationships we have with our members. We believe that everyone has it in them to make change happen, we’re just here to help extract that power.



Our Vision

Applied Fitness Solutions is a beacon of hope for those seeking a more fulfilled life. We are more than fitness. We are agents of change.

Our Mission

Through selfless service to others, we unite, empower, and enrich communities by offering accessible fitness programs predicated on personal relationships, science based evidence, and purpose-driven innovation.

Our Core Values


What do your programs include?

  • Your own personalized on boarding experience tailored to your needs
  • Unlimited assessments: use our state of the art In-body devices as often or as little as you like
  • Personalized nutrition recommendations and access to registered dietitians
  • Unlimited access to all of your AFS coaches at your fingertips with our app
  • Prescribed workouts and corrective exercise to do outside of AFS
  • Access to our community forum rich-with content and fellow member perspectives
  • Group based exercise classes tailored to your goal (weight loss, fitness, strength, flexibility)


  • Month-by-month, cancel at anytime
  • Billed on the first day of the month to an on-file credit card
  • Your membership is based on your exercise prescription at AFS
  • Sessions are use-it-or-lose-it in the calendar month (accountability tool)
  • Monthly sessions can be adjusted for work/travel ahead of time-we’re all human!
  • 30 day risk free guarantee
  • Free Hugs available upon check-in

Corporate Wellness

Utilizing the same “more than fitness” approach as our in studio classes and coaching, AFS has an entire suite of corporate wellness services designed to support your organization’s wellness-centric culture. Whether you’re aiming to spark conversation and interest, get your team moving, or simply get them thinking, tag us in and let’s have some fun!

Engagement options include hot topic lunch & learns, outdoor “pop-up” workouts for team building, wellbeing workshops, and our signature 12 week wellbeing challenge.

If cultivating a healthy culture is important to your organization (big or small) we’d love to help!

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