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Workplace Wellness


Bring AFS to work!

AFS offers a wide variety of corporate services aimed at strengthening bonds, inspiring healthy behaviors, and creating lasting memories.  Below are some of the most popular education and enrichment events AFS can bring right to your workplace.

Fitness Field Trips


  • On Site: Bring your whole team to AFS for an exclusive workout!
  • In-House: We bring the workout to you! Instructor, music, and all!
  • Expos: Have a wellness event/expo coming up? We’d love to attend!

Lunch and Learns


Truth In Wellness-3 Part Series

Americans are overloaded with advice on health and fitness. In fact, a growing concern for much of the population is that there’s so much information out there, we’re not sure where to start. The aim of this workshop series is to cut through the fads, reveal the “unsexy” truths about losing weight, and put you on a sustainable path toward your wellness happy place. 

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