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Shamrock Race Performance Screenings


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Race Season is Almost Here!

Kona Races and Applied Fitness Solutions have teamed up to get you in the best running shape of your life! It all starts at packet pick-up for the Shamrock Raceon March 10th!

Who Should Take Advantage?

Have a nagging injury? Can’t seem to break through your plateau? Applied Fitness Solutions will be performing comprehensive movement screens for all Shamrock Race participants who are looking to improve their times and maximize their performances! We’ll run you through a series of tests and then personally show you the results, helping you to identify what needs to be done to improve. You can sign up now online, or at packet pick-up!

Running performance screening test

Package Includes

  • Movement screening: overhead squat, gait analysis, step up, drop landing, push up hold
  • Full video analysis to indentify weak links in the kinetic chain
  • Learn the common injuries you’re pre-disposed to and what you can do to prevent them
  • 30 minute screening/testing session and a 30 minute review session with AFS performance coach

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