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A Different kind of “get together”

Time with friends: whether it’s out to dinner with the girls, wine night and heart to hearts, or a quiet night in with a good movie…This important time to decompress is always much needed to break us out of our “just get through the week” mentality. Paige has been taking yoga for the past month and has been seeing the benefits, both physically and mentally. We all deserve to slow down and re-connect with our bodies. Remember you can bend in ways maybe you haven’t in awhile, and connect with your favorite people 🙂

Private Yoga Experience with Eileen

Gather the squad!  As Eileen always says: All you have to be able to do is breathe 🙂 Eileen is tailoring a yoga experience to fit all of you. No experience in yoga is necessary and the pace of the class will be slow and guided. For those who have some yoga experience, you know this isn’t really a workOUT but a work IN. This will be one hour of guided stretching, postures, and controlled breathing to calm the mind. You’ll leave feeling lighter and will hopefully continue taking FULL belly breaths throughout your day.


  • Tailored message, flow, and music
  • $20/person
  • Class starts at 2pm on Saturday, Feb 22nd. Please arrive 10 mins early
  • If you do not have a mat, AFS can hook you up with one to borrow
  • Fill out the form below by Wednesday the 19th to RSVP!

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