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Pilates and Meditation in Plymouth



The next step in your well-being journey.

Part of our journey as a fitness company is to provide our community with resources that extend far beyond the “fitness” side of things. From your body to your mind to the connection between the two, and anything else that can help you improve your health. This is the next step.

On Thursdays:

We’re bringin’ in Kristin, an experienced and licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Rolfer, and Pilates instructor to take you through an

hour-long session of Pilates at 5:30pm, followed by a guided Breathing Meditation from 6:35pm-7pm!

What should I expect?


Kristin’s 60-minute Pilates class will be foundational. Her aim is for it to be conducive to beginners, those who might be dealing with a nagging injury, and people who have struggled with proper form in exercise and in body awareness. Baby steps!

This class will help you understand:

  • How you hold your torso in relation to your limbs and the movements that stem from this connection.
  • How to properly stabilize your system while adding resistance.
  • How to facilitate a strong, healthy spine through exercise.


The idea behind Kristin’s meditation class is to arouse the parasympathetic system. We’ll be looking at the breath cycle in relation to where you can feel your breath and how much you can allow your body to relax around your breath. The whole point is to feel where you’re holding tension as a result of stress and learn how your breathing can become your ally to reduce that stress!

What will it cost?

Pilates will be $11 per class for clients and $20 per class for non-clients. Just like yoga, Pilates will be interchangeable with our Fitness Solution classes! Meditation will be complimentary.

How do I sign up?

Both Pilates and Meditation will be available for sign-up through the AFS Connect app, just as you’d sign up for a Strength Solutions class or optional FS class! If there are spots available, you’re more than welcome to drop-in as well. But get here quick… there are only 20 spots available per class!

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