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My bags are packed…I’m ready to go…


“I’m waiting here outside the door……”
Oops…got carried away with song………

Getting ready for the big day? Marathon? Half Marathon?


Get ready now. Put a bag or box aside and start filling it with the “stuff” you are going to bring to the race. As you go through your day and think if things that you are going to need throw them in your “bag” or “box”. Then come race morning, you won’t have to run around stressing about what you are supposed to bring. Everything will be handy for you to pack in your running bag.

Here is a handy list of things you will need:

  • Shoes with at least 30 miles on them – NO NEW SHOES.
  • Socks – wickable and NOT NEW.
  • Running Clothes (NOTHING NEW).
  • Race packet (including chip and/or number with chip).
  • Safety pins.
  • Sunglasses, hat with visor.
  • Garbage bag or rain poncho in case of rain at the start.
  • Watch.
  • Sandals or comfort shoes to slip into once the run is over.
  • Warm clothes to put on after the run.
  • Snacks for pre-race and water bottle for pre-hydration.
  • Kleenex or paper towel.
  • Toilet Paper (always handy in case the porta pot is out).
  • Hand wipes in case the porta pot does not have hand sanitizer.
  • Gel, Gu, Blocks, whatever you are going to use as replacements on the course. (Best to check and make sure you have your supply ready instead of rushing over to the store the day before to stock up.)
  • “Warm Ups” (wear old clothes at the start that you can discard as you get in line or after you have run a mile or two). NOTE: if you are going to discard clothing on the course, please discard them on the side of the road so that other runners do not trip over your discarded clothing.
  • Fuel belt if you are going to wear one, try it on to make sure the fit is right and hopefully you have had a few “test runs” with it.
  • Some “smart sense”.

What is smart sense you ask?

It is the part of your brain that knows exactly what pace you are ready to run for the half or full marathon. The part that tells you if you are running too fast. Bring that “sense” with you to the start and whatever your trained race pace is – run slower. If you think you are running slow – run slower! You can warm up for one to two miles without jeapordizing your race pace.

Once you have “warmed up” and feel comfortable, start your realistic race pace. You may have to run a few miles a few seconds faster to make up for the slow miles at the start but you have at least 11 to 24 miles to make up for it.

I caution runners who think they can “bank” miles at the beginning by running them faster, and plan on slowing down at the end because this runs the risk of having to walk those final miles. Also it is not a good idea to try and plan to pick up the pace mid way – more than likely when you get to mid-way, you will be getting tired and running your realistic race pace may be all that is  possible at that point.

So plan ahead. Along with the box you are packing, pack your pace chart however you decide it will work for you.  A “crap shoot” of what pace you are trained for in a half or full marathon 9 out 10 times turns out “crap”.

Happy Running
Good Luck in your events,

Coach Kathleen Gina
Head Coach AFS Running Group

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