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 Tyler Baker

Fitness Practitioner Since February 2015

Hometown: Carleton, MI

What Got you into Fitness?

I was always extremely skinny growing up. I was athletic and good at sports, but being so scrawny was holding me back from being as good at sports as I wanted to be. I was playing baseball for Mott Community College out of Flint my first two years out of High School, majoring in Graphic Design. Since it was a community college I was only allowed to play there for two years and then I had to move on to a new college to continue playing baseball. I had goals of being the best I could to get recruited by a good school to finish my last two years ever of baseball.  

I started getting really into fitness with a buddy on my team. Majoring in Graphic Design at the time, I didn’t know much about improving fitness. We would lift every day together and do all these speed drills trying to become faster. The hard work seemed to have paid off because I was offered to play at Eastern Michigan University once I left Mott. As I did some research on Eastern Michigan, I learned that they had a good-looking Exercise Science program to offer. At this point in my life I was continuing to exercise consistently every week, but I wanted to know a lot more. I wanted to know everything.

After sitting down with my mom and dad, I decided to change my major from Graphic Design to Exercise Science, and the rest is history.

Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my parents. They both will truly do anything for somebody they care about at the drop of a hat. They inspire me to make them proud.

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Two that I can think of right off the bat. Health wise, I would say Krispy Kreme donuts. There have been many occasions where I have polished off a whole box of 12 easy. My second one would be rocking a big bath robe. My bath robe is so big, warm, and comfy that I will a lot of times wear boxers and my robe for hours after a shower.

Favorite Quote:

“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows… the world is a mean and nasty place, and it will beat you to your knees if you let it. You, me, or nobody will hit as hard as life. But it’s not how hard you hit, it’s how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” – Rocky Balboa

What Does Family Mean To You?

All of my families are super important to me. It is these groups of people that I try to make happy every day. I say families because I have many groups of people I would consider my family. Of course, I have my blood family, who I love very much. We are a very tight-knit family, and we all care deeply for one another.

I have my best friends that I grew up with. I guess you could call this more of a brotherhood, but I would do anything for them, and I know that they would do anything for me.

I also have my AFS family. I have worked at quite a few places in my life, and no company has even scratched the surface of the culture AFS created. Employees that don’t just work well together, but truly care for one another. The family that I talk about isn’t just the employees that work at the facilities, but everybody, including all of the clients. It’s unique to work at a place where you can build good relationships with so many people at one time, and I am fortunate to be a part of it.

Proudest Accomplishment

I have two proudest accomplishments. One is graduating Eastern Michigan with my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, and finding a place that I truly love to work at. Two is getting the girl of my dreams to say yes when I asked her to marry me.

What would You Sing In Karaoke?

Absolutely nothing. If I’m being honest, you would have to knock me out and work me like a puppet to get me to perform.

If You Had To Eat One Meal The Rest Of Your Life?

Steak with some grilled onions and peppers, and a side of sweet potato fries. I love me some meat and taters! 😛

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