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Adam Spears

Our New Marketing/Intake Manager

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

What got you into the fitness industry?

In my private life I have always had a passion for sports, nutrition and, fitness. However, in my professional life I have been in sales since graduating from college. This position gave me the perfect opportunity to combine my passion into my career.

Why AFS?

During my all day interview everyone (staff and clients) was so kind and welcoming. I really got a sense of how much they all cared and truly believed in this process. It just felt right from the second I walked in the door. My goal with AFS is to help as many people as possible experience that same feeling I had when I left my interview 🙂

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mother has been such an inspiration. She is really the one that gave me the necessary skills to navigate through this crazy world.

What are your hobbies?

Most of the time I am trying to keep up with a 6 year old. But outside of that I love going out on the boat in the summers. I play golf, basketball, flag football, and pretty much any other sport that is not on ice, regularly.

Favorite sports team?

I’ve grown up a die hard Michigan fan. I actually attended my first football game before I could walk.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Dairy Queen blizzards (strawberry cheesecake flavor)

What is your favorite quote?

Work smarter not harder.

What does family mean to you?

My family has been the most important support structure throughout my life. Being able to rely on them through good and bad and be there for them during their own good and bad. Now I am passing those same lessons onto my own son and its a greater feeling then I ever knew existed.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Becoming a Father.

 What would you sing on karaoke night?

“All Of Me” – John Legend (extremely off key)

If you can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hungry Howies BBQ Chicken Pizza (everything crust)


We couldn’t be more excited to have Adam joining our team. His combination of passion, humility, and leadership experience will serve the entire AFS community very well as he gets settled into this new role. If you see him walking through classes, make sure you introduce yourself! He loves people even more than he loves Hungry Howies 😉

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