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Meet Our Ann Arbor Team



Emily Beck

Agent of Change since 2016

Hometown: DAVISON, MI


Five fun facts about me:

1. I’m pretty crafty, and like to get creative when I’m bored.

2. I’ve been classically trained to sing opera.

3.  For three years I competed in the NPC bikini division.

4. I know every single word from the Princess Bride.

5. I’ve read every book of the Harry Potter series 6 or 7 times.

What Got you into Fitness?

Growing up, my parents were incredibly active, so they really set the foundation for me. When I got to middle school, track and cross country became my favorite sports and that carried me through high school.

Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?

Probably my friend Nicole. She’s a business owner, married with two kids (and a puppy), and still makes time to take care of herself.

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Embarrassing, but my guiltiest pleasure is going to bed early. If I’m asleep by 9pm, it’s been at good day.

Favorite Quote:

“There is such great pleasure in intentionally guiding your own life.”- Esther and Jerry Hicks 

 Proudest Accomplishment?

So, I’m a terrible cook. Seriously- I’ve poisoned people. At the beginning of the year, I tried a meal service that mailed me raw ingredients and recipes… EVERYTHING TASTED AMAZING! Also, I didn’t make anyone sick. In almost 26 years of life, I realize that seems trivial- but for all of my other “accomplishments” it’s never been a solo effort.

What would You Sing In Karaoke?

An a capella rendition of the Game of Thrones intro.

If You Had To Eat One Meal The Rest Of Your Life?

A Home Depot hotdog with extra pickles and a Dr Pepper


Emily started as an intern with us just a few short months ago. From the second she walked into the facility, she brought her positive energy and contagious smile. At the conclusion of her internship, Emily will be joining our team as a full time Fitness Instructor! We are so happy she has joined our team and we are excited for her future with AFS!

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