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AFS Staff Development Event with Bob Quinn

On May 4th, AFS will be closing early to provide an enrichment event for our wonderful teams from all 3 AFS locations.

Finding Your Purpose

One of the most popular pieces of feedback we get from our clients is that our team seems “genuinely happy to be here.” We attribute this to the fact that we’ve gotten extremely lucky to find extraordinary people whose passions line up with their profession. Pro-actively we want to make sure this unique trait of our culture remains a prominent piece of the experience and are committed to helping our people find fulfillment not just in their careers, but in life as a whole.

To kickoff this evolution in our employee development we are bringing in Bob Quinn for a 4-hour workshop on Friday May 4th. Bob is a world-renowned expert on leadership, organizational change and effectiveness.


About Bob

It’s difficult to capture the value of what Bob Quinn does in words.  He has spent the last 40 years doing research, publishing, teaching, consulting, and speaking to more than half of the Fortune 500.

Like many scholars he conveys a deep understanding of organizations, leadership and change.  Like many consultants he is able to translate those deep concepts into useable tools and open new paths of possibility.  Like many speakers he has a quick sense of humor and a talent for storytelling that captures the interest of his audience almost immediately.  These shared traits meet the needs of most companies when they hire a speaker.  But Bob is also very different from most speakers.

Unlike other speakers he is a deep listener, who is fully present in every session.  He doesn’t connect to the group, he connects with the group.  He is fearless in leaving his prepared script to hear and address the needs of the audience in real time.  He weaves the stories and responses of the audience into his own content to reach people in more relevant, light-bulb generating ways.  The most common response from people who have heard him speak is, “I felt like he was speaking just to me.”

Bob meets all of your normal expectations, and then moves beyond them to help people make the message their own.   He moves people from the role of passive listener to active change agent, because he understands that we tolerate the assumptions of others, but we act on our own beliefs.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but our hopes are that this development event will help us to better serve you- and our employees in the future 🙂

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