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Turkey Meatballs with Italian Slaw


Football Season is here..

Let’s bring a high protein meal to the next tailgate!

Many people at tailgates like to snack on satisfying foods. The lean meat is packed with protein and keeps you fuller, longer! How does protein keep you fuller longer? Your body has to put in energy (calories) to break down the foods you consume. Proteins are made up of amino acids held together by peptide bonds, which are super strong bonds. Your body has to put more energy into breaking peptide bonds than it does for carb or fat bonds. Your body takes longer to digest protein, giving you the feeling of being fuller longer.

Even a budget-minded student can make this tailgate meal! The ingredients are simple —  you’d be surprised what you have in that spice cabinet, take a look! Options are endless with this meal! Eat the meatballs with a low-calorie dipping sauce, on top of the slaw, or even alone. The Italian dressing slaw is crunchy and light tasting, great for those sunny football afternoons.

Be creative this tailgate season! Get everyone on board with healthy options! Be the first to bring it to the table. Enjoy!


1.5 pounds extra lean ground turkey breast

1 12 oz. bag of broccoli slaw

4 tbsp (or more) light Italian dressing

2 tbsp parmesan cheese (grated)

1 large whole egg

1 tsp black pepper/salt (to taste)

2 tsp  basil (to taste)

2 tsp  garlic powder (to taste)

2 tsp onion powder (to taste)

2 tbsp  olive oil



In medium sized bowl mix all ingredients together well, except olive oil.  Roll mixture into small meatballs. Add olive oil to pan. Once oil is hot, drop the meatballs in and cook until brown on all sides. Cook meatballs in 2 to 3 batches. Put on plate to cool.

Slaw: Add slaw to large bowl; add  light Italian dressing to taste.

Place meatballs in mixed slaw or eat separately!



1.5 lb turkey breast:                        560 cals                7.5 g Fat              0 g CHO               130 g of Protein

2 tbsp olive oil:                                240 cals                28 g Fat               0 g CHO               0 g protein

Parmesan cheese:                           44 cals                   2.8 g                   .5 g CHO               4 g Pro

Whole egg:                                       78 Cals                  5 g Fat                .5 CHO                  6 g Pro

1 bag ( 12 oz) broccoli slaw:          96 cals                   0 Fat                  24 g CHO              12 g Protein

4 tbsp light Italian dressing:         70 cals                  4 g Fat                8g CHO                0g Protein

Total (4 servings):                          1088 cals             47.3 g Fat           33 g CHO              152 g Protein

Per serving:                                      272 Cals              11.8 g Fat            8.25 g CHO           38 g Protein




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