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Is My Metabolism Damaged?

Can your metabolism be damaged? Some in the media and research communities suggest it is possible. We’ll explore the concept of metabolic adaptation in this video and what its role is in human biology. We’ll likewise review the potential signs of a “damaged metabolism,” and talk about the unlikely scenarios it occurs in as well […]

How to Increase Your Protein Intake

Wait, what? Increase protein intake? I thought Americans ate too much protein? Well you’re right, kind of. Americans eat too much of everything: fat, protein, and carbohydrate. However, once someone is in a calorie deficit, protein is the one nutrient that’s always under consumed, especially after they start logging in a calorie deficit. In fact, about […]

Baseline Body Comp and Pre-Measurement Protocol

As stated in the course, getting a baseline body composition measurement is vital. While generally we want to focus on process over outcome, we still do need a degree of tracking to ensure we’re making progress from a body composition standpoint. Below you will find methods of measuring body composition change, along with the InBody […]