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Module 7: Grocery Shopping Tips

While you may be thinking, “I’m an adult and can handle my own grocery shopping just fine, thank you very much…” We hope you’ll keep your mind open for just a few minutes here. As stated in module 7, grocery shopping sets the stage for so much of your nutrition and health. What you keep […]

Module 5: All About Fat Resource

In module 5, we mentioned that diving too deep into the nitty gritty of the fat macronutrient was beyond the scope of the course. That said, the below resources have some great information if you’re wanting to learn more. Overview on fat All About Healthy Fats All About “Bad” Fats

Is My Metabolism Damaged?

Can your metabolism be damaged? Some in the media and research communities suggest it is possible. We’ll explore the concept of metabolic adaptation in this video and what its role is in human biology. We’ll likewise review the potential signs of a “damaged metabolism,” and talk about the unlikely scenarios it occurs in as well […]

Module 3: The Cost of Getting Lean – How Far is Far Enough?

This resource is awesome when it comes to weighing the trade-offs and pro’s and con’s of different lifestyles, and different “levels” of fitness and we encourage absolutely everyone to watch it. Click through the link below to access the video, then consider answering the reflective questions at the end of the video, as well as […]

Module 3: So You Say You Don’t Like Vegetables?

Getting more vegetables in our diets is a goal for many of us, and something we strongly encourage throughout this course. For many people this is difficult as they do not love the taste of many vegetables. One common problem is that many of us stick to just two to three different types of vegetables […]

Module 3: Macronutrient Splits

We want to reiterate that aiming for very specific amounts of macronutrients is overkill for the vast majority of people. Unless you’re trying to achieve extreme levels of leanness or muscularity, you can likely get by without tracking every single macro (protein alone is usually enough). That being said, if you want more information on […]

Module 2: How to Add Protein to Your Diet

In video 2 of the second module in this course, we discussed strategies to help manage hunger. One such strategy that is very effective not only for this, but also for achieving a calorie deficit is to ensure you have a protein-rich diet. In this post we will briefly describe some effective strategies for adding […]

Sleep: You Probably Aren’t Getting Enough of It

Below are some valuable resources on the importance of sleep and how to improve your sleep: The first comes from Precision Nutrition, which is all about why sleep is so important and how to “hack” sleep to get into the best bedtime routine that you can (https://www.precisionnutrition.com/hacking-sleep, or an infographic if that suits you better […]

How to Increase Your Protein Intake

Wait, what? Increase protein intake? I thought Americans ate too much protein? Well you’re right, kind of. Americans eat too much of everything: fat, protein, and carbohydrate. However, once someone is in a calorie deficit, protein is the one nutrient that’s always under consumed, especially after they start logging in a calorie deficit. In fact, about […]

Module 1: Reflect on Your Daily Habits

In Module 1 of the course, for those following the Daily Habit Formation track, we asked you to think of 3 to 5 habits, individual to yourself, that you could possibly build that would improve your diet. We then asked you to choose the one single habit that would be both impactful in your eyes, […]

Module 1: Comprehensive “What’s What” with Food Logging

Food logging can at times feel like an overwhelming process. Do I need to weigh and measure all of my food? What if I can’t find the exact item I am eating? Do I need to worry about macronutrients? What if I forgot to log yesterday? The questions can go on and on. Below we […]

Module 1: Barriers and Overcoming Them

In Module 1 of the course, we discussed the importance of identifying barriers to past weight loss attempts. It is important to “know thy enemy” when it comes to our goals, so that we can prepare in advance for challenges. Additionally, sharing our plans, struggles, and experiences can be a helpful way to gain some […]

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