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Losing stamina, strength, and balance is typically associated with aging – but it doesn’t have to be. Indeed, an exercise program developed for the unique needs of the aging adult can literally turn back the clock on your physical abilities. Not all programs are designed to meet the needs of the aging adult, but Applied Fitness Solutions is different. Our Senior Fitness Program uses science-based protocols to ensure safety and effectiveness. Beyond that, our program is implemented by a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. More importantly, our Senior Fitness Program will help you take control of your health. You deserve to age on your own terms, call AFS today to find out how.

how it works

12 week in-person instructor-led group exercise program

Limited to 12 participants

Administered by our Clinical Exercise Physiologist: Ann Brennan

Pre/Mid/Post Assessments to track health change.

Meets 2x/week for 75 minutes, (Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 12pm).

Senior fitness

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Twelve week program cost is $99. Register today.

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