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Utilizing Your Fitness Coach


Utilizing Your Fitness Coach

It sounds like a simple concept, right? Contrary to what you may think, there are actually a lot of clients that don’t take advantage of all that we coaches can provide to clients to help build them up and reach the goals we set in place. Let me tell you, we want you to utilize us! There’s nothing about my job I love more than being able to help you along the way toward your goals. If you fail, we fail. Whether it’s education, accountability, an open ear, or the agent of change you need, we want to be a part of this with you.

There are three key things in our coach/client relationship that will ultimately keep you on track.

  • Communicating every week with your coach
  • Body composition assessments or just simply an appointment to sit down and chat every 4-6 weeks
  • Being open and honest with your coach


This is the leading factor to success or failure. If you could do it on your own, we all would be ripped together and have no need for accountability, coaches, or people to share our successes with; but having someone to hold you accountable for your fitness journey and goals is what makes AFS truly authentic. The only way we can help you stay accountable is through communication. As a coach, it is my job to listen to each of my client’s goals, and figure out what the best plan of action is for them.

When life gets thrown at you, I want to know! We are humans too. We understand that things happen that can hinder you from your goals like motivation, lack of sleep, stress at work, change in job, family health problems, ect. When I am aware of what’s happening, I can help guide and empathize with you. It puts us both on the same track moving forward.

Meeting with your Coach:

Assessments and seeing the numbers have a time and place to help check progress, but the conversations that happen during the assessment are really the big take home here.  You could be feeling lousy going into the assessment and come out feeling awesome afterward because of the conversations being had. If you aren’t interested in an assessment, set up a 10-15 minute meeting just to check in! We want to make sure all is going well, and that we are on the same page with your goals, especially if anything has changed. Never underestimate what a face-to-face meeting can do for motivation, goal setting, and building that client/coach relationship.

Honesty and Being Open:

This is a tough thing to ask, but if the conversations are open and honest and everyone is on the same wavelength, it leaves nothing up for interpretation.  Don’t be afraid of telling your coach how things are feeling (both negative and positive). We love to hear when things are going really well ☺  but when things aren’t going so well, that’s where I come in to help!  If you’re busy with work/life, that’s OK.  Just let us know so that we are aware of what is going on and can better assist you on your journey.

For those of you that are feeling down or “off the wagon,” remember these three tips to help you get back on track; be open and honest with your coach, communicate, and meet up or assess to get that face to face interaction.


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