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In 2023, the active woman will have a multitude of fabulous choices when it comes to fitness shoes. Today’s companies are making shoes that are specifically designed for women’s workouts, offering superior grip, cushioning, stability, comfort, and more. With all of these options, it can be hard to decide which ones to choose. Fortunately, Ann Arbor’s best Personal Training coaches have got you covered with their list of the top five fitness shoes for both strength solution and fitness solution for women in 2023. 


Coach Blake Berent & Coach Adam Michael



The List:

1. Nike Metcons

Nike Metcons In Black and White
The Number 1 for Strength Training

Nike Metcon shoes have a wide, flat and stable sole that keep your feet secure. They have improved ankle mobility and allow for deeper squatting. The rubber tread on the Nike Metcon wraps up the side of the shoe, providing grippy traction for ambitious challenges



2.  No Bull Reflective Ripstop Trainer


NOBULL Ripstop Trainers in Dark Gray

Great Style, Many Colors and Perfect for Hitting the Strength Training Floor

lightweight, durable ripstop upper with a highly reflective layer for extra visibility. right blend of flexibility, traction and support. 



3. Primus Lite III 

VivoBarefoot Primus Lite III - Women's in Black

Fast, Light Minimal Shoe For Running, Fitness and Lifting

Tread lightly on this training shoe. Minimalist design and lets your feet move in the most natural way possible



4. ON Cloudflow

ON Cloudflow Shoes in Rose

Great for fitness class, running and comfortable
Light, fast and fully cushioned. Take on training and racing in complete comfort.



5. Hoka Kawana

Hoka Kawana in Black/White
Hoka Kawana

Soft. Smooth. Bliss

With a lively new foam this shoe provides a a solid rebound. Sporting a modified crash pad with SwallowTail™ geometry, the Kawana’s beveled heel creates a broader, flatter surface designed for smoother heel strikes.



Honorable mentions!

1. Bearfoot Ursus

Bearfoot Ursus Low-Tops in Black

Versatile and Durable Shoe to Help Strengthen and Restore Your Foot’s Natural Movement During Any Activity.
These shoes are a tool, simple and sturdy, to help you thrive in any activity. SIMPLE IS STRONG.



2. Brooks Ghost 15

Brooks Ghost 15 in Black/Black/Ebony

Improved cushioning, Smooth Transitions, Enhanced Upper
Their best-selling running shoe features a trusted fit, and the signature smooth ride and soft cushioning that make it a runner favorite. The Ghost 15 is ready to take you from striding to gliding.