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Success Story- Wendy White


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Name: Wendy White

Fitness Practitioner: Brooke McCartney

Start Date: August 10th, 2015

Results to Date: lost 19lbs of fat in 3 months!

1) How did you hear about AFS?

I heard about AFS from two of my co-workers, Corina Freier/Anila Ruseti.

2) What/Who inspired you to take the first step toward getting in shape?
I’ve always been a very active individual being involved in many different sports.  With that, I’ve always tended to maintain an ideal weight, up until about a year and half ago, when I injured my cervical neck area.  This limited my ability to continue playing impact sports and lifting anything heavy. With being inactive for this period of time, I gained over 15 pounds. My clothes were not fitting and I felt horrible…no energy….no motivation.  Once I heard about AFS and their ability to modify exercises based on my injury as well as help with my eating habits, I decided to give it a try.  This was about 4 months ago.

3) What initially intrigued you about our program/why did you sign up?  
I always like to be challenged to keep me motivated and when Corina and Anila shared their results and energy about the classes, I took this on as my challenge to get back in shape and drop the extra weight.  Another plus was that we all would be able to work out together….which gave me even more motivation to succeed.  I looked at this opportunity to get me moving and motivated again from the pain I endure on a daily basis with my neck. Guess what?  I made the right choice when I signed up that day in August.

4) How did you achieve the success you’ve seen thus far?  
Oh my, where do I begin?  First of all, the WLS classes keep me challenged and motivated.  I love to see how much more I can do in each station and how much further I can push myself.  All the trainers are very in tune with everyone’s level and motivate each and every one of us during the classes.  Second, the biggest success for me would be the daily caloric goals Brooke (and Nathan) have implemented for me.  I was not getting enough protein in my diet and was taking in too many carbohydrates.  To track everything I put in my mouth on a daily basis really holds me accountable.  Like I said, I like to challenge myself and this was another challenge for me.  Knowing I was going to be assessed every 6 weeks, really kept me in tune with my food logs and getting them into Brooke (and Nathan) for their review.

5) What changes have you noticed in your life since starting with AFS?
The biggest change for me would be my attitude and motivation level.  I feel so much more energized and happy with myself.  Another big change is the way my body has changed.  Since I started AFS, I have gotten so many compliments on how well I look. This has really helped me achieve more confidence in myself.  I actually like to go shopping for clothes now!

6) Advice you can offer others looking to make changes you’ve made?  
All I can say is, this program works.  I can truly attest to this as I have physically encountered this success and continue to strive to incorporate everything I’ve learned into my daily life.  Yes, there will be sacrifices that you will need to make and days where you need to be very disciplined with your eating habits, but in the end, the reward is so worth it!  You will meet many new friends that are sharing the same struggles, goals, and achievements that you are. What better way to achieve success in your life than doing it with people who are going through the same thing?  I am so happy with the choice I made to join AFS.

Congrats on the accomplishments, Wendy! We’re so happy you joined AFS too! Continue to challenge and motivate yourself 🙂
-AFS Team

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