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Success Story: Stacey W.

Strength Class


Before I had my baby, I was in a workout rut and needed something different. I was doing my own thing at home but it just wasn’t the same. I was bored. My husband had heard great things about AFS so I figured I’d give it a try. I went once and I was hooked!

Restart Post-Baby: After my son was born I set a goal. A big nasty scary goal. This goal was something I knew I was going to have to work to accomplish. This goal was WAY more than I ever did pre-baby. It was the challenge I needed to be diligent in my workouts and my diet. I knew I needed AFS so I told Kemper, “Kemper, I entered a 42 mile swimming, biking and running adventure race. And I don’t know how to swim…” He laughed at me. Then he put together a plan and said, “Let’s do this Mama!” Kemper was always checking in on me; stopping over when I was at AFS. He made sure I wouldn’t fail. I completed that race in August. My son was 6 months old.

My why is very simple: to feel good, both inside and out; to feel good when I look in the mirror, when I go clothes shopping, and in my bikini on the boat this summer. My training is my “me time.” It helps me relax and keeps me happy.

My definition of success changes daily. Some days (after baby being up all night, or a crazy packed schedule, or an out of town husband) it’s simply making it to the gym. One thing I really enjoy about AFS are the assessments because the “success” is watching those numbers drop (except that glute measurement – that one I like to see go up : ) ). I look at pictures from before and while I was pregnant, from a few days and weeks post pregnancy and now. It amazing to see the changes my body has gone through and to know that my hard work played a huge role in that.

My biggest obstacle I overcame: Netflix.

Ok, maybe that isn’t the biggest, but it’s one of them :). When I was newly pregnant I was so sick I couldn’t even get off the couch. Once the sickness passed I had such bad sciatic nerve pain I could hardly walk some days. But I kept moving. I sat on a yoga ball every second I could. I got massages. I stretched. And eventually at around 16-18 weeks pregnant I was able to make it back to the gym. And I kept going. Up until I was 40 weeks. At 40 weeks (when baby normally comes) I decided I was done. Baby decided to stay in an extra 2 weeks!

These days sometimes I get called from the AFS childcare and I have to stop mid workout to nurse a hungry baby or change his diaper. But that doesn’t mean the workout doesn’t get finished. Everyone at AFS is so awesome and understanding that sometimes it takes me a little longer than most to finish my workout.

Some tips I have for other new mothers to stay on track:

  • First know that your post baby shape may NEVER be your pre-baby shape. And that’s beyond cool. Your body just performed a miracle – it’s allowed to look different.
  • Second don’t compare yourself to any other post pregnant woman, especially those on social media who go home from the hospital in their skinny jeans. Just keep a long term mindset and focus on your own progress.
  • Lastly, those “hormones” that get blamed for everything negative that you may feel or do while pregnant make you an absolute powerhouse in the months following childbirth. You have the ability to become so strong and fit. So take advantage of that. Pick a big post baby goal. A HUGE one. Something that you know you will have to work hard to achieve. Then tell EVERYONE about it. The more people know the better. You’ll stay accountable to your goal.

The people, and not just the employees keep me coming back to AFS. The practitioners and interns are awesome. The front desk staff always acknowledges me and my sons by name. The childcare girls are so sweet and sincere. Kemper always makes me feel like a rockstar. And the clients – the clients at AFS are absolutely THE BEST. I have a standing weight room appointment 3x week and the group I’m with is what makes me drag my tired butt into the gym some days.

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