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Success Story: Rosalyn Z.



So this AFS thing has been pretty successful for you Rosalyn..Could you share what lead  to you seeking us out? (What you’ve done in the past, why you decided you needed some guidance/support)?

I saw an ad on Facebook and thought I would check it out.  After listening to what Nate had to say about it I was hooked. I hadn’t exercised in many years and my weight was out of control and increasing. I had no motivation or energy for anything.

As well as you’ve done, this process couldn’t have been without a few bumps in the road…Did you experience those? If so, are you comfortable telling us about them and how you overcame them to get to where you are today?

My right knee had been bothering me for awhile, especially when walking down the stairs. That is still a problem for me. I am working with my practitioner, Tyler, to develop a plan and to possibly seek therapy through a recommended source.

How would you describe Tyler’s coaching style?

He is gentle but definitely knows what he is talking about. I really respect him as a practitioner and adore him as a person. I like to make him proud and strive for a good “report card” every week.

If you could choose just one thing that AFS has helped you change about your mindset or your habits that made the biggest difference in your life, what would it be?

My water intake has increased dramatically and I’m now more conscious of my food choices. AFS has helped me shift my lifestyle to a more sustainable and healthier way of living.

Are there any unexpected benefits you’ve gained from this process that you’re enjoying now?

I would have to say that my experience at AFS definitely gave me a boost in energy as well as an overall boost in confidence!

What’s next for you? Any new goals on the horizon? Any big life stuff going on we can share with the AFS family?

Keep losing weight, firming my muscle, and knock out joint pain. I would like to complete all A exercises in one class without too drastic of modifications. That is one of my goals.

Anything else you want to share about your experience with Tyler and the AFS team thus far?

I love it at AFS and Nate did such a fantastic job pairing me up with Tyler. I tell everyone I see about AFS and my deep satisfaction.  Thank you for this opportunity to be a member and to get to know Tyler!

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