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Success Story: Patti


patti-beforePatti needed a change.

“I found myself 20 pounds heavier and very out of shape after I retired from my career in the healthcare field. At the age of 52, I was disappointed that I had reached this point because I had worked as a PA and I knew what I should have been doing. We have an entire library of workout DVD’s but I wasn’t sticking with any of them for longer than 2-3 weeks. I found working out by myself in my basement boring and lonely! Also, my relationship with food was not ideal. I was either stress eating or rewarding myself for various things with high-caloric, fattening treats. I began to feel that I had reached the point of no return in my fitness journey and my truly fit days were a thing of the past. I needed to change things up” says Patti.

Patti lost the weight, she’s gotten toned up, and she’s feeling great! For her, accountability was key! “Weekly nutritional goals and food log reviews really helped identify my issues and Chris always has helpful tips to improve my nutrition.”

Having the assessments with her trainer every 6 weeks has kept her on track and motivated. It’s very exciting to review the numbers and see proof that your hard work is paying off!

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