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Success Story: Molly P.


It started with a pair of shorts that didn’t fit. Instead of making excuses, Molly made changes.

My story with AFS started last May when I was up north with my boyfriend’s family. We were getting ready to go swimming and, as I went to put on my favorite pair of shorts, they barely fit over my legs and didn’t even come close to zipping up! That immediately killed my confidence. I went about the rest of the weekend sad and upset that I no longer fit into my old clothes. When the weekend came to a close, I decided to do something about it. Rather than buying new clothes, I joined Applied Fitness Solutions! I learned about AFS from my roommate, Lauren. She always said wonderful things about it, so I decided to give it a try. After a few classes, I was hooked!

Starting out, my goal was to fit into my old shorts again and look healthy for my friend’s upcoming wedding in October. The summer proved to be difficult seeing that all I wanted to do was go outside by the water, drink, and eat my favorite snacks. With the help of my trainer, Brooke, I learned that I can absolutely still enjoy my favorite foods… just in moderation! I stuck with my fitness routine–2x classes/week, plus 2 other days of light cardio–and, by that October, I had reached what I set out to do! Words cannot describe how ecstatic I felt to fit into my old clothes and look amazing as a bridesmaid.

One of my biggest obstacles throughout my journey has been my career as a nurse. I work the night shift at a local hospital, so my daily routine has been completely changed. I no longer eat or sleep at normal hours; instead, I sleep from 9am-5pm, and eat “lunch” between 1-2am. I’ve learned to bring small snacks to work so that I’m not completely starving by my lunch break. Additionally, I walk between 4-5 miles each shift. All those little steps add up quickly!

My time at AFS has been nothing short of amazing. What keeps me coming back is definitely the kindness of each person I’ve met here. From the trainers, the managers, the front desk staff, to everyone in between, everyone ALWAYS has a smile on their face. They all seem genuinely happy to be there, so it’s easy to immerse yourself in such a positive environment. On top of that, the trainers have given me personalized attention in class while offering plenty of encouragement when things get hard. I’d actually like to give a shout out to my favorite trainer Brooke for always being amazing and supportive!

Looking forward, I don’t have a set weight loss goal or big event to look forward to. Instead, I’m focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. To me, that means attending class twice a week, walking as much as possible at work, and packing a healthy and protein-filled lunch. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to cut out all of your favorite foods, just do it all in moderation! It’s all about balance and I’m incredibly grateful that the AFS crew has shown me how to live a more balanced lifestyle.

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