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Success Story: Jason


jason-beforeJason stopped doubting himself and got to work.

I was stuck in a vicious cycle. I would lose a little, then gain a little. I would lose, and then plateau. Last summer, I was volunteering at a summer camp for children with solid organ transplants. Seeing these kids who have gone through enormous medical hardships, running, rock-wall climbing, and ziplining, really opened my eyes. I realized that there were no excuses for me. Their tenacity was inspiring, and provided me with great motivation.

Sawyer has taken the time to really explain things to me. He has created a very realistic and personalized plan. Whether it’s his weekly check-ins or creating workout plans for me while I am traveling for work, his support is very appreciated. All of the trainers have also helped my success. They have been so great and positive, while also challenging me. When they have corrected my form, or brought me slightly heavier weights or encouraged more reps, they have really shown me what I am capable of.

The most important change has been my confidence. when you’ve been overweight for the majority of your life, your mentality takes a hit. AFS has challenged me and allowed me to see what I am capable of doing. I no longer let things appear impossible, but instead, see everything as an opportunity. Whether it is improved health, being able to buy the clothes I want, or just feeling more respected on the sports field/court, I just feel like a new and improved person. That feeling is priceless.

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