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Success Story- Dave Egeler


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Name: Dave Egeler

Fitness Practitioner: Carli Taylor

Start Date: July 4th, 2014

Results to date: Lost 21 pounds of fat mass, down 10% body fat, gained 12 pounds of lean mass


It all started late one night when I offered to help a guy push his disabled mini-van out of the roadway into a nearby parking lot.  You see, I’m a police officer, and I thought it would be better to help this man out rather than tow his car.  We pushed the car off the roadway, and as I walked 200 feet back to my patrol car I was quite winded.  In fact, I sat in the car for about a minute catching my breath before I called complete on the radio – I didn’t want to sound so exhausted over the airwaves.

Several years of midnight shift had lent themselves to a certain level of inactivity through fatigue.  Mix in poor eating habits (hey, I can hang with the best of them when it comes to coffee and doughnuts), and I was out of shape and gaining weight.

Although I always have great intentions about exercising and getting back in shape, I’m just one of those persons who can’t motivate myself to do it.  The only workout that the stationary bike in the basement provides me is when I move it to vacuum around it.  I need to exercise with others in order to get properly motivated.



A good friend told me about this place called Applied Fitness Solutions, and told me how she was pleased with her results in just a few short months.  So she forced me in, and well, the rest is history.

I signed up for the WLS sessions, and started going twice a week.  I found that I enjoyed the rotation to the different stations.  I challenged myself to keep working hard.  And what was even better, I had a practitioner and other participants who also challenged me.  After a while, I was re-adjusting my personal schedule to make sure that I could attend WLS at least twice a week.

And I also started food logging.  I found over time that I altered my eating habits when I was not eating enough protein or too much of something else.  I regularly got scolded by my practitioners about fast food, but I did it in moderation.  I still eat and drink what I want, for the most part, and I budget accordingly.  Because I regularly (daily!) log my food, I even guilt myself when reaching my caloric limit.

Alright, I also admit it – I drink the Kool-Aid.  I regularly use the AFS Nutrient Solution at my workout sessions, as well as routinely throughout the week.  I find that it helps in recovery after the sessions, and provides an easy way to get more protein in the diet.  Side Note:  AFS Nutrient Solution mixed with fresh or frozen fruit and milk in the blender makes a great smoothie.  I also add the powder with fresh strawberries to my pancake batter.



The people are also another reason that I keep coming back.  The practitioners are top-notch, knowledgeable, caring and friendly (a special shout-out to Carli).  But also, the clients are a great group of people, and sharing your workout experience with others in the room is not at all a detriment, but clearly a benefit.  I mean, we’re all there for basically the same reason, right?



So, how do I measure success?  AFS uses objective data to measure success.  In 14 months, I’m down 21 pounds of body fat, but increased my lean mass by 12 pounds for a net loss of 9 pounds.  I’m seeing muscles I haven’t seen in a long time (careful, don’t go there) – and if I let my hair grow longer you’ll start calling me Kemper.

But how about the subjective results?  A couple of months ago I foot-chased three juveniles who were 40 years younger than me for a few hundred yards and caught two of the three.  And I wasn’t winded while walking them back to the patrol car and reminding them, continuously, of the age difference.

Yes, I’d say it’s a success.

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Dave, your big smile and give it your all mentality is contagious! Great work!
-AFS Team

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