Success Story: Cindi


cindi-beforeCindi lost her spark, it was time to get it back.

I was introduced to AFS by a friend. She was going to a reunion and wanted a gym buddy to support her quest for better health. I had always been an active person, especially since the nature of my profession requires a certain physical aptitude. My main sticking point was with food. I came from a family of origin who dieted all the time with lots of restrictions, bad foods, and rules in regards to eating. My normal eating patterns were negatively affected by this “dieter’s” mentality. It was with reservation I walked into Nate’s office, crossed my arms and slumped into a chair and thought here we go again.  Now after two and a half years of following the system I’m at a level of health and fitness for me I wouldn’t have believed I could reach!

My advice:

Acknowledge your efforts! Instead of being negative about how slow the change seems, how hard the work is, or how much better “sally” is doing it…Celebrate the small successes! Did you make it to a class? Excellent. Take a moment to assess how you feel. Go again tomorrow. Did you food log? Fabulous. You are getting the cliff notes on how to eat smarter ….Just add more protein tomorrow (See? I listened to you Jen!)

The bottom line is I worked really hard and I earned my health. AFS gave me all the tools to get healthier. With the help of AFS’s workable program, the knowledgeable and professional instructors and the support staff to guide me I am stronger, happier, and more balanced in life.

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