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Success Story: Ben


What motivated you to start at AFS?

A few months ago, my sister and brother-in-law began talking about AFS Ann Arbor and how impressed they were with the facility and practitioners.  Both have always held themselves to the highest standards of all things fitness, but I couldn’t believe how much AFS became such a big part of their lives.  After just a few months, I get it.  I’m a client for life!


What was your biggest concern before you started?

After taking a look at the program, I wasn’t sure if I could keep the schedule and give AFS the time it deserved.  Luckily, AFS couldn’t have made it any easier to hit the ground running.  AFS offered a custom internet platform to manage my standing appointments, emails to Bailey and our goals.  The AFS technology allows me to manage every aspect of the program from any device, anywhere.

What keeps you coming back to AFS?

I’ll never leave AFS Plymouth because of their team.  Without question, the AFS team has the smartest, most dedicated and qualified practitioners in the business.  That will become obvious to anyone who has ever belonged to any other gym prior to AFS. Every week, I get to workout with practitioners like Austin Doggette, Tyler Baker, and Bailey Paull-Baird. These guys understand how to challenge their clients and make progress.

Bailey has been my practitioner for just a few months now and not one week has gone by without us making progress. Bailey understands each of his clients, where they are, where they are going, and how he’s going to get them there.  He’s been a great architect from day one and does things “the Michigan State way”–he does things once and he does them right.  I’m looking forward to the next half of year one!

How do you define your success?

No missed days, learn from each experience, and make each class a little bit better than the class before!

What do you expect of yourself in the future?

At the end of year one, Bailey and I are aiming for a total loss of 45 lbs of fat mass and a total gain of 5-10 lbs lean mass.  It’s happening… you heard it here first!

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