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Spike needed structure. We helped him build it.

About 18 months ago my coworker Angel was sick of hearing me complain about my aching back and kidnapped me to tour the AFS facility.  She knew I was ready to make a lifestyle change but I wouldn’t take that first step myself. Almost 2 years later, 15 pounds lighter (plus 8lbs of muscle) I’m just wishing I found AFS sooner!

I Was Apprehensive at First

Because I had a nagging back injury that had sidelined me for the past three years. I was afraid to get started again for fear of making the injury worse, and as a result, I was pretty inactive and feeling unhealthy.
I still remember walking into AFS for the first time, what struck me is that I never felt that awkward “first time gym goer” feeling, everybody was friendly and quite the opposite of the typical stereotypes. As soon as I met with Devin (the owner), I knew this was the right place for me.   Together, we laid out a plan that would not only protect my injured back but nurse it back to health and strengthen it.  At the same time, we would be working on lifestyle goals aimed at helping me lose weight and get toned up over the summer.

Spike Mojo In The Morning

My Advice 2 Years In

I can tell you that being accountable to a personal trainer who guides me is KEY!  He’s there to help me make healthy food choices and he sets up workouts I can do at home or while traveling with my extremely busy schedule. He pushes me to improve my diet every week, but makes sure it’s not overwhelming. This is the balance I needed.
My Changes? I lost the 15 pounds I wanted to shed (which is 2 belt loops!) but also gained lean mass. I just look a lot better.  Others have definitely noticed that my beer belly and double chin are gone. Most important is not how I look – it’s how I feel.  I can play with my kids without worrying about an injured back,  I’m far more active,  I’m not always tired anymore!

The thing I always forget to mention is that it’s FUN.

Spike - Mojo - Weightloss

I actually look forward to my workouts.  The strength training and group classes are different every time so it’s not a chore to go after work.  It’s not an intimidating gym full of bodybuilding “meatheads.”  The staff is great, the other customers are nice… I’m not your typical “gym” guy, but AFS has made me a believer.