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New Kid’s Program!


Q&A with AFS owner Mike Stack on the new kids program

Who is the new PST appropriate for?
“The new PST is appropriate for 5th-8th graders looking to improve their overall fitness (strength, speed, conditioning, and body composition) for general health or sports performance.”

What happens in the PST class?
“A combination of age and ability-appropriate strength training and conditioning exercises are performed. The class is about 45% strength training, 45% conditioning, and 10% direct core, providing an optimal combination of strengthening, speed, and endurance.”

Is it appropriate for non-athletes?
“Yes, at a young age athletes and non-athletes train very similarly, the goal being improvement in overall physical fitness, not just sports-specific fitness.”

If it’s a general physical fitness class, how can this improve my child’s sports performance?
“Prior to your child performing any structured, and formal strength and conditioning for sport they need a few years of preparatory work at a young age to build a good base. Once that is done (usually by freshmen year of high school) they can progress on to addressing more sport-specific fitness.”

What benefits will my child get from this class?

“You should expect your child to improve their general motor skills and coordination, as well as reduce their risk of sport and play-related injury significantly. Improvement in strength, speed, conditioning, and body composition will also accompany the motor skill and coordination benefits.”

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