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Meet The Owner-Applied Fitness Solutions


Jared Freeman

Applied Fitness Solutions

In Business Since: 2017
Specialty: Fitness classes paired with personal coaching
Quick Bio: Graduate of Oakland University (2008), College of Health Sciences. Fan of all things nature, Michigan athletics, gummy bears.

Why Did your company choose to expand to Rochester?

Personally, I spent a lot of time here during college and really fell in love with the area. I love that there’s always something to do, the city is surrounded by beautiful trails and parks, and the people here really care about their health. From a business standpoint we knew that this area was growing (especially for young families) and that our model would match up well with the needs of the population.

Your Rochester Guilty Pleasure?

Oh man, I didn’t mention it in that last question but the food options here are the best! As far as guilty pleasures go, I make at least 3 stops a week at Yates for a custard cone in the summers… Hello everyone, my name is Jared, and I’m an ice cream addict. AFS clients: this means if you see me around town, you don’t have to worry about ordering the wrong thing in front of me! I’m a human too, I may even ask for a bite.

Favorite Rochester Activity?

I’d say going down the Clinton River in my kayak. So many people are surprised when I tell them I’m doing that right here in town, but it’s beautiful! There are several points on the river where you look around and it feels like you’re up north. I also just got a bike so you I’ll probably be taking the trails into work this summer. Since I’m inside the gym 12-15 hours a day pretty much anything outside is a welcome activity for me.

Why Did You Choose This Industry?

My pursuit of fitness knowledge began when I was a scrawny teen just looking for a way to make my giant head more proportional to my body! Once I got over that obstacle I realized how much better I felt having a goal to pursue. I didn’t just enjoy the outcome of exercise, I truly found the process to be very mentally rewarding. I’ve made it my purpose to educate my employees and clients and provide them the tools they need to make fitness a lifelong passion as opposed to a short term obligation. The most rewarding thing for me isn’t helping a client lose 30 lbs, it’s seeing that same client 3 years later looking and feeling better than they ever have and maintaining it all on their own. It all goes back to a basic principle we employ at AFS. If it’s fun, you’ll find a way to fit it in.

Why Does Rochester Need Another Gym?

Well, I definitely got that question a lot from some of the people driving by our development before we opened haha. I realize that there are a lot of options for fitness in Rochester/Rochester Hills and I couldn’t be happier about that, it means people in this area value their health and they have a lot of options on finding the right fit for them. As far as where we fit in, we’re here for people who would benefit from guidance and accountability, but don’t have the budget or desire to work with a one on one personal trainer elsewhere.

We work with adults who are trying to improve their overall fitness, young athletes looking to perform better, and everyone in between. Our clients are assigned to their own personal coach who guides them on all aspects of their fitness life OUTSIDE of the gym (nutrition, at home workouts, etc), then we have them in our building a couple days a week taking a fun class that’s tailored to the outcome they’re pursuing.

Considering the amount of coaching, interaction, and guidance we provide, the most common membership fee of $87 per month has been very well received by our clients thus far. You can definitely get a gym membership elsewhere for much cheaper, but you can’t get this level of guidance and service for anywhere near the cost of what we provide it for.




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