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Meet Our Team: Nick Holshoe, Strength Instructor


You’ll catch Nick somewhere in the depths of the Strength Solutions room, helping clients with the nitty gritty details of their form and showing everyone that weights are nothing to fear!

Strength Instructor Since: May 2016

College: Concordia University

Hometown: Hopkins, MI

Danny: I’m going to start off with the basics… what got you into Fitness?

Nick: Originally, when I first started playing sports at a young age, I realized quickly that I needed to advance myself when it came time for high school sports. I didn’t want to be just average; I wanted to be better overall. So I looked into weight training. That best prepared me for the high-school level and helped me advance towards the top-tier of athletes my age.

Danny: So you used lifting weights as a way to get ahead in sports, essentially?

Nick: Yeah, exactly.

Danny: What brought you here to AFS?

Nick: Tim actually told me about AFS. I didn’t really need to get another job, but the family atmosphere of AFS and friendly faces/spirits really got me. Even with all the clients, employees, etc. are very charismatic.

Danny: Yeah, we’re pretty cool (laughs)

Nick: Yeah, exactly. It’s cool to be a part of something like this.

Danny: Who’s been your biggest inspiration?

Nick: My biggest inspiration would be my dad. He’s a blue-collar worker and has been for 39 years now and still hasn’t retired.

Danny: So what does your dad do that shows that work ethic?

Nick: He works in a factory in Syracuse. He was working in a factory for a long time in metal.

Danny: So he’s been a big inspiration in terms of helping you develop a strong work ethic, would you say?

Nick: Yeah, I definitely got it from him.

Danny: Speaking of inspiring, what food really brings out the excitement in you? Any food you can’t resist?

Nick (with cookies right on the table): Other than the fact that I have snickerdoodle paleo cookies in front of me, ice cream and, well, yeah ice cream.

Danny: You must have a favorite kind of ice cream though?

Nick: Hmmm, I’d go with mint chocolate chip. I mean I can mix it up sometimes, but I can destroy mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Danny: Agreed. Is there anything that you can say is the worst thing you’ve ever tasted?

Nick: Cottage cheese.

Danny: Really?

Nick: Yeah, it’s like curdled milk.

Danny: Well, that is what cottage cheese is, so that makes sense.

Nick: That’s specifically why I don’t like it.

Danny: Alright, back to the positives… what would you say your proudest accomplishment has been so far?

Nick: My proudest accomplishment would probably be when I was an All-American and led the country in interceptions in every division during my Junior year of college.

Danny: In the entire country?!

Nick: Yeah, in every division. By the numbers, I led the NFL too.

Danny: That’s insane! Have you run into any roadblocks on your journey to where you are now?

Nick: Yeah, it was recently actually. I was on pace to make it into the NFL–I worked hard, climbed the ladder, made a big name for myself–but when it came to draft day, after a few phone calls, I never got a contract. So I basically ended up empty-handed. So that’s how I got into being a strength coach/personal trainer.

Danny: So that sort of led you to where you’re at right now?

Nick: Yeah so now I aspire to help people reach their goals and push their limits where I didn’t quite close the gap. I just want to pass on what I know now to those people.

Danny: What does family mean to you?

Nick: Family is obviously huge. Especially thinking back to when I first went into college; I didn’t know what to expect, but my family was there to support me when I was away. In terms of definition, I’d say that family is a bond that, despite any back-and-forth arguing that might go on, won’t break and you know your family will always have your back.

Danny: What would you say you’re most excited about in terms of looking ahead to the future?

Nick: I’m most excited about an opportunity to play football still in Italy. If I better myself and an NFL offer ends up coming forward and a scout comes to look at me, then I’ll do what I can to prove myself. I just want an opportunity to prove myself. I also just want to help people out when it comes to their goals as well though.


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