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James Digan

Intake Manager – AFS Rochester

Agent of Change Since 2017

Hometown: Rochdale, UK

About Me

I jumped into fitness and health at a very early age playing sports. Growing up I was a part of any team I possibly could from soccer, rugby (the one with the bigger football), cricket (even slower baseball) to some individual sports including judo and boxing.

I graduated with a Bsc from Liverpool John Moores University in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics. Whilst there I was lucky enough to not only visit the Cavern Club and ride the yellow submarine around the city but I was also fortunate enough to work as the Performance Analyst and Assistant Strength and Conditioning youth teams coach for one of the Barclays Premier League soccer teams, Everton FC. In addition I was part of the strength and conditioning team and nutritionist for the England U21 disabled soccer team which was one of the most rewarding opportunities I have had the chance to be a part of.

How Did I Even Get Here?!

During the summer breaks from College I actually came and “worked” in the US for 3 months. I was fortunate to be placed at a summer camp here and was hosted by the most amazing family who’s children also attended the camp. During that experience we were able to educate and facilitate the growth of all the children at camp whilst also having the opportunity to experience life in the USA. From my first summer to my last I never wanted to go back to the UK. Michigan had become a second home for me and I loved everything about it; the people were friendly and amazing, the weather was spectacular (yes even snow, it’s better than rain!) and that hidden gem everyone had told me about at the top of their hand! It felt like I had lived here my entire life and so once I had finished my bachelors degree and decided to make the big move across the pond to where I had spent my last few summers, a far cry from my mothers expectations of me lasting a week before wanting to go back home my first summer!

What Will I Be Doing Here At AFS?

I will be working at the Rochester facility as the Intake Manager / Marketing Director. I was immediately captivated by Applied Fitness Solutions by their exuberant energy and amazing culture. You can’t walk into any of the studios without a friendly smile and a happy hello. I fell in love with the concept of AFS and not only their commitment to providing what each individual needs but also the commitment to guiding them every step of the way on their journey to reach it.

Catch Me Outside

Now that I have made the long journey across the pond you will find me in Royal Oak, more than likely walking my dog Archie (9 month old pointer). We will most likely be on the way or on the way back from getting some ice cream, yes both of us! I’m s sucker for sweets and dessert, that’s why you’ll also find me trying to get my workout in each day. You’ll also find me a sucker for all terrible realty TV, so once the Bachelor is back you will always be able to get a good gossip with me on the way to class!

I am beyond excited to be a part of the AFS team and family and cannot wait to meet you all! So if you see me at the desk or you hear the weird accent from around the corner, don’t be shy to yell hello!!

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