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image (2) Mark Onusko

AFS client since: 3/4/2015

About Me:

My name is Mark and, probably like most of you, I joined AFS to lose weight. When I started AFS I was very overweight with a BMI well over 30 and a lifestyle that I would call moderately active, I play golf, softball, and go for the occasional jog, but I’m not out hiking sand dunes twice a week. I’m generally happy with my life but I would like to look (a lot!) better and improve my fitness so I don’t get winded playing with my niece or walking through a city on vacation.

After six months at AFS, guess what- I love it! I didn’t think I would; deep down I wanted it to be a gimmick that didn’t work so I could justify staying lazy on the couch. Now when I say I love it, I don’t pop out of bed smiling for 6am classes or ask for the class to run 30 minutes longer, but I know that my workout is going to be effective and that I’ll be glad I went. When I do go to 6am classes- my days are significantly better.

How have I improved? When I started the Weight Loss Solution workouts I was doing C-group exercises- and not perfectly- now I do most of the B-group exercises (There are 3 intensity levels in the class- A, B, C).When I used to wake up the morning after softball games my joints sounded like a bag of rocks and my lower body was stiff until lunch- now it feels like any other day. And other people are noticing. Three people in the last week have told me that they noticed that I’ve lost weight and look healthier.

I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come! I hope you’ll  follow me on my journey to get healthier with AFS. I’ll be posting tips and tricks I’ve found, things that help me stay on track, and some resources to help you out. I also hope you’ll share some of your stories with me. Feel free to ask me questions or tell me what you like about AFS or would like to improve during your workouts- chances are many others are thinking the same things.

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