Meet Lyndsey-Our New Marketing Assistant



Position at AFS
I am the new Assistant Marketing Director! I will have the same job as Corbin. (Corbin isn’t going anywhere!)
After I get done with my initial training and get my feet on the ground, I might jump into teaching some classes on the side as well!

Past School and Work
I went to Concordia University of Chicago and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science! After graduation I started Personal Training at a women’s gym in Chicago! I was in Chicago for a year after school and continued to train and also worked part time at Pier 1 imports (If you need a good lamp suggestion I’m your girl.) I worked with Pier 1 for about 3 years, until I left to go back to my true passion! Empowering great people to live long, healthy, and happy lives 🙂 Side note- I also worked in a few small gyms and a boutique in downtown Plymouth, MI!

mustache lynds

About Me
I am 25 years old
I am originally from the Chicago area
Married in 2014 to my wonderful husband, Rob
Lived in Colorado last year for 8 months
We moved to Michigan early 2015

I love running because it clears my head
I am a very small person
I have 2 cats, Woody & Buzz
I have a younger sister who is enrolled at GVSU
I love pugs
I am a Bears fan
I have a lot of energy, no caffeine needed 😉

Why I Chose AFS
I chose AFS because I was looking for a gym that could help me better my skills as a trainer. I also chose AFS because I loved the “no pressure” aspect they have to get new clients started on a better and healthier way of life! I really love the atmosphere of AFS with all of the friendly faces; I am excited to learn lots of new things and to grow as a professional and as a person with AFS!

Weird Talent
The only weird talent I can think of right now is that I can lick my elbow (yes it is possible, and I know you’re trying it right now.)

Biggest Fear
I think my biggest fear is that I won’t get to enjoy everything that life has to offer! I want to live a long time, meet lots of interesting people, see the world, and be able to have lots of fun!

Favorite Cheat Meal
I LOVE sweets! My favorite sweets are ice cream, and almost every type of taffy candy 🙂

What I Do When I’m Not at AFS
I love spending time with my husband, family, and friends. They are a big part of my life! I also like watching TV, mostly Netflix, probably way too much. Some of my favorite shows include The Office, Bob’s Burgers, Grey’s Anatomy, and Mad Men.
I love to run, workout, and be outside! I love hiking and playing soccer. I also love to try new things, like new places to eat and visit! 

Welcome Lyndsey! We’re locking the sweets drawer as we speak 😉

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