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Meet Amy!



Amy Gluck started interning for us this spring as a rehabilitation therapy assignment. We’ve really enjoyed working with her and wanted to share her story!


Amy graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from Eastern Michigan University. After graduation, she was a biologist for the government at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. After completion of her research project, she went on to graduate school at the University of Michigan studying human nutrition. She earned her Master’s degree and became a Registered Dietician in 1997. Since becoming a RD, she’s held several positions working as a Clinical Nutrition Manager for the state of Michigan and a major health care system.

Amy has always been extremely active and has excelled at a number of athletic endeavors. She started her college career with a basketball scholarship and after graduation, she became an Ironman triathlete competing at the highest level of the sport. She even qualified for the World Championships five times!

Tragedy Strikes
One morning in September of 2013 Everything would change for Amy. She was on her bike doing a routine training ride in preparation for the Ironman World Championships that were set to take place just one month later in Kona Hawaii. As she rode along the right side of the road, a large gravel truck approached traveling in the opposite direction. Amy was approaching a cross street and as she did, the truck got into the left lane and began to take a left turn onto the road Amy was about to cross. Tragically, the speed with which the truck made the turn made it impossible for Amy to brake and avoid it. She slammed violently into the truck essentially bouncing off of it.  Surviving the accident was a miracle given the situation, but she sustained significant injuries including brain trauma, a shattered clavicle and knee-cap, and a completely shattered femur which she had to have surgically replaced.  In the hospital Amy had to have a section of her skull removed to relieve the intra-cranial pressure and swelling caused by the accident.  Recovering from such a traumatic event has been a long process for Amy, but her determination has never wavered. She is currently working on getting her body moving in hopes of racing triathlons again! Amy serves as an inspiration to all of our staff AND clients that when times get tough, you have the strength and power to push through it, we’re so grateful to have met her and wish her the best as she continues her race to recovery.


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