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How to Increase your Protein Intake Part II


In my last blog , I explained the importance of protein and gave some examples of sources. While a list of sources may be helpful, it can be tough to incorporate those foods into your day. Below are examples of a 1200 and 2000 calorie day. If you are between these caloric intakes, you can increase/decrease the serving size of each item proportionately to achieve your calorie goal.

Click graph to view 1200 calories/day


Click graph to view 2000 calories/day


This isn’t intended to be a dietary prescription but rather a template you can use to construct your own meal plan. Similar items can (and should) be substituted. For example, asparagus for broccoli, pear for apple, turkey for chicken, tuna for salmon, BBQ sauce for red hot sauce, wine for beer, etc.– I think you get the point! Variety is important to ensure that you get all of the essential vitamins and minerals in the appropriate amounts; a multivitamin can also help safeguard against potential deficiencies.


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