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Healthy brownies? Could it be!?


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AFS Intern, Amy Gluck

These are better than any brownies you’ve ever made, and as luck would have it, they’re healthy!

This is a great way to pack some extra beans into your diet the fun way!
Start with either Low-Fat Brownie mix made by Betty Crocker, or Sugar Free Brownie mix made by Pillsbury (Warning – this mix contains Splenda).
For either mix, blend a 15oz. can of black beans in the blender (beans and fluid) and open the bag of brownie mix. In a large bowl, mix the blended black beans with the mix and add the water indicated on the brownie mix instructions. Then STOP. Those are the only ingredients from the box instructions that you are going to follow. No eggs, no oil, just beans and water. Mix them together, by hand, really well. Select your baking pan and spray it with cooking spray. Dump the mixed beans and brownie mix into the pan and have the oven set for the temperature on the boxed instructions. Cook them as instructed on the box instructions. These will result in the tastiest, moistest, and softest brownies you have ever had!

Healthy Brownie Nutritional Information

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(1/18th of the above described instructions)

These high fiber treats help fill you up and keep you going until dinner.  Plus it’s a great way to disguise the healthy black beans as a sweet treat! I know what you’re thinking, how good could these actually be if they’re made of beans.. do yourself a favor and find out for yourself! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Amy has an incredible story that is definitely worth the read, check it out!


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