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 Nate Langley

Guilty pleasure TV program: The Voice

Favorite cheat meal: Tie between any kind of pizza and BD’s Mongolian Grill.

Nerdy obsession: I really like baseball caps, I have a whole wall of them.. Keeps me from having to style my wacky hair.

Hidden talent: Table Tennis… Bring it!

First crush: Paula Abdul (The early years)

Favorite sports team: Detroit Red Wings

What’s more likely? Aliens or Ghosts?: Aliens

Dream car: I love all trucks and only trucks. Never liked sports cars because I don’t fit in them.

T-shirt or tank top?: Tank top

Why do you work for AFS?:

I came to AFS because the program itself is very unique and I saw a lot of opportunity for growth, I knew I could help be a part of that growth.  I’ve stayed because I look forward to coming to work everyday and having a great time with our clients and my fellow co-workers.  Growing up, I couldn’t wait to get out of work and go to the gym, now the gym is my work!  The environment at AFS is truly special.

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