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Friday Foodie: Simply Fresh Mediterranean Grill



We hear from so many of our new and existing clients the following statement: “It’s easy for me to eat healthy during the week, but it all goes to hell on the weekend.” I know I’ve said that before, in fact I think I mentioned it to the pizza hut delivery driver on Saturday (he was actually very empathetic.) Seriously though, It’s very understandable how this happens. Weekdays are so chocked full of structure and routine that by the time Friday hits, we’re spent with planning!

For many people (including myself) a reduction in meal planning at the end of the week leads to an uptick in eating out on the weekends. This is normal. This is fun; and your trainer isn’t going to get mad at you for doing it. Luckily healthy food is trendy right now and there are several options in every city/suburb that can potentially satisfy your taste buds without wrecking a week of hard work. An interest in helping our clients find healthy options paired with a selfish desire to snag a free meal on my company’s dime every month lead me to creating this foodie blog.

I am not a chef, I am not a trainer, I’m just some guy that tries to be active and eat pretty healthy and stuff. These are my food findings.


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