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For Our Dads



Dear Dad,

You taught me so much throughout my life, from how to repair things around the house/car to deeper lessons like patience and that kindness goes a long way.  However, the biggest life lesson that I have learned from my father (and one that I still practice on a daily basis) is to always do the right thing whether it is helping out a family member in need or a random stranger on the street.  Without my dad, I know I wouldn’t be the man that I am today.

Love, Chris


Dear Dad,

You have taught me what it means to be there and to love your family. From building my childhood home with his bare hands to working crazy hours at work, he is always there and gone out of his way for our family. A loving husband to my mother, father to us kids, and now Papa to the little ones. Our family would not be where it is without your hard work. 

Love, Kim













Dear Dad,

Much like my mom, I am not sure I can pick out one single “most important” lesson from you. I am lucky to have two amazing role models that truly get joy from being parents.

My dad is a leader by example. The things that come to mind first are having a passion and immense sense of pride in what you do, family is always first and your actions mean more than your words.
Love, Jared

Dear Dads,
I grew up with two dads, which means twice the exaggerated fishing stories 😉

My Dad Larry (right) had me on ice skates when I was 3 years old…back then he was taller than me.

We spent a lot of days on frozen ponds and abandoned tennis courts… One thing about those days that I vividly remember is he would never let me say “can’t.” No matter how frustrated I got, he would always push me to keep digging. His lessons of perseverance have stuck with me my whole life. Dad, I turned out to be an Ok hockey player, but hopefully a more impressive human being thanks to your lessons.

My step dad Walt (left) is one of the funniest dudes you’ll ever meet. I’ve learned so many lessons from him.. How to grill chicken to perfection, how to ride a motorcycle, how to exaggerate a story just enough to make it believable and extraordinary at the same time haha.. The most important lesson I learned from Wally is how to treat other people.

Growing up I wasn’t allowed to go to the drive thru because Wally wanted me to look the clerk in the eye and have a little small talk with them while we waited for our food. That little querk is a microcosm of how he lives his life. He always has time for other people. I think he’s a big reason I got into such a”people” focused business. Thanks for the gift of story telling and the firm handshake Wally.

Love, Nate

Dear Dad,
I thought the first important lesson I learned from you was how to mow a yard.  It turned out to be so much more than that.  In the summer of 8th grade, we started Lawn and Order and with your patience, hard work and guidance I can now mow a perfect yard!  Your expertise brought us from 1 lawn to 56.
Every kid has a dream of having their dad as a coach. Through all the sweat and tears, you taught me how to be a leader by following in your footsteps. The moments we share on and off the football field will always stick with me. You are the type of leader I aspire to be!
Love, Corbin

Dear Dad,
My dad always told me, “Always be respectful, do the right thing, and make a career out of something you love. If you do those things and truly give it your best effort, other people will notice. Eventually those people will believe in you and want to follow you.”

Dad, I would not be the person I am today without you. Your words of wisdom are timeless and I will always hold them close to my heart. Thank you for helping me believe in myself.

Love, Devin

Lisa's Master's Gradudation Party Jan-2012 011

Dear Dad,

You instilled in me what I think is the single biggest reason for my success today: my work ethic. I can still remember you waking up, in what seemed like the middle of the night, to go work. Then on those very same days, working in the yard until 9pm to make the grass look “just right.” I have always admired your ability to give an incredible effort towards everything in life. Thank you for teaching me the value of effort, it truly is the reason for my professional success today.

Love, Mike

fathers day post

Dear Dad,

You have taught me to tackle each and every day with confidence and a positive attitude. I would not be the woman I am today without his love, support and homemade Italian spaghetti sauce! Oh, and dad, thank you for raising me as a wolverine fan. Go Blue

Love, Ellie


Dear Dad,

You’ve taught me everything. You’re the most selfless person I know. You’re my best friend and I love you!

Love, Alyssa

Dear Dad,
The most important value I’ve learned from my father is selflessness.  This is a man who puts others’ needs before his own.  Pops, you’ve taught me the fundamentals of being a father, husband and a leader by saying so little.  Thank you for being the compass in my life
Love, Kemper

Dear Dad,
The most important lessons my dad instilled in me has to be my love for Michigan football and craft beer!  Haha!
In all seriousness, my mom and dad had me when he was finishing up college and was nearly 3 years younger than I am now.  He worked his butt off to get himself and my family from that place to where we are right now.  That work ethic and responsibility is something I strive to emulate in my life.
Love, Sawyer

Take some time today and let your dad know he did a great job raising you and that he makes you proud. After all, that’s all he has ever wanted. 

Happy Father’s day!

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