Fitness Programs For Igniting Fat Loss Lecture


Summer is here; now what?

Join us for our FREE workshop on Wednesday, June 7th at 6pm, Applied Fitness Solutions -Ann Arbor

Summer’s arrived, so grab your sunscreen because the only thing we’re going to be burning is fat! Whether you’re just getting ready to start your summer weight loss journey or you’re nervous about maintaining progress during these social months, we’ve got you covered in this next AFS lecture.
Join AFS Founder Mike Stack next week to learn how to ignite fat loss through various programs, how to keep that fat from coming back, and the difference of fat loss/maintenance fact vs. fiction!
  • Scientific Fact vs. Fallacy of Fat Burning
  • Maximizing Fat Burning from Exercise
  • Role of Exercise in Maintaining Fat Loss

If you’re a client, bring a friend and you’ll receive 3 complimentary Weight Loss classes on your account and your friend receives a FREE WEEK of Weight Loss classes!

AFS Trainer: MichaelMIKE STACK BS, CFP,CPS, CSCS  screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-10-00-31-am

Michael Stack is founder and CEO of Applied Fitness Solutions. In addition to his duties with AFS, Michael is formerly the educational events director for StrengthPro, Inc., and is a former co-chair of the Arnold Strength Training Summit. Mike has lectured to and worked with a diverse population in respect to all aspects of health, fitness, and human performance including marathon, triathlon, and ironman prep coaching.

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