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Couples Success Story: Patty and Peri C.



How Did You Find AFS?

Peri: My lovely wife was following the grand opening via Facebook, so I figured I would check it out with her.

Patty: I found AFS by accident on Facebook as a new gym that was opening in town. I thought that I would check to see if it was exactly what I was looking for, classes with instructors and flexible class schedules.

Why Did You Decide to Take Action?

Peri: I was looking for a place to do injury prevention work and recover from my knee and shoulder injuries.

Patty: I knew that I would have to make some decisions about my health issue, because at the time I had a high level of cholesterol and prior to finding AFS, I struggled with committing myself to a long term goal. AFS was exactly what I needed.

Most Rewarding Part of This Process?

Peri: The most rewarding part for me was seeing how committed and happy my wife was with the whole process. As long as she enjoys the journey, the results will be there at the end of the day no matter what.

Patty: Seeing all the progress that I’ve made so far and how capable I am to keep going through it is the most rewarding part of this process, but a huge part of it is my practitioner Trent who keeps me up with positive attitudes.

What Was Your Most Surprising Part of This Process?

Peri: Surprising would not be how I would describe my process. I’ve been used to dealing with the pain I feel during my workout routines and I kept believing that the pain would just go away. The mistake I made was neglecting my injuries. I should’ve done it earlier. 

Patty: I still can’t believe the results I’m getting in such a small amount of time. I am gaining so much strength and developing muscles I never thought I would.

Any Advice You Can Give to Others Looking to Make Changes Like You Have?

Peri: When you engage in any physical activity, you create body awareness. So we need to listen to our bodies. Take action when your body is asking you to do it.

Patty:  There is no magic pill or potion for getting fit. I learned this through my own trials and errors. Until I am finally able to kick bad habits and embrace health and fitness as a lifestyle, I won’t be able to reach my goals 100%. I am still in the middle of the whole process, no one said would be easy, but every gain of muscle is a reward to keep going!

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