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Sunday September 15th

AAFSC Athletes will have the chance to have a fun and memorable experience all while testing their fitness capacities and receiving data and professional feedback on how to improve as a skater.

Objectives of Testing

•       Create a comprehensive “snapshot” of an athlete’s fitness for their sport

•       Uncover biomechanical, movement, and postural deficiencies that predispose an athlete to injury

•       Determine fitness deficiencies to aid in performance enhancement and program development

•       Evaluate effectiveness of a training protocol

•       Team selection & physical preparedness testing

Tests Performed at Combine

•       Movement Screens: Overhead Squat, Pushup Hold, Impingement Screen

•       Power Testing: Countermovement, No Arm, and Static Vertical Jump

•       Upper Body Muscular Strength/End: Pushups

•       Speed/Acceleration: 40 yard dash w/10yard split

•       Anaerobic Capacity: 300 yard shuttle run

Feedback to Athletes and Coaches

•       Individual objective numerical data provided

•       Rank relative to:

–      Current level of play

–      Future level of play

–      Teammates

•       Objective goals can be set

•       Coaches and coaching directors will receive summary feedback

Testing Logistics

•       Start Time: 12:00noon

–      Please arrive 15min before your start for check-in

•       Groups of 6-8 skaters will start on the hour and 20min thereafter

–      Grouped by ability

•       Youngest: 12-2pm, Mid-Level: 2-4pm, Highest Level: 4-6pm

•       End Time: 6:00pm (possibly 4pm if registration is low)

•       Sign-Up STRONGLY Suggested

•       On-Site Registration will be taken on a first come, first serve basis

•       Athletes must bring a waiver signed by parent or guardian to perform

Pre-register via email

  1. Email with the following information: Child Name, Parent Name, Parent Contact Number, Requested Testing Time (all requests will not be able to be accommodated)
  2. Ask an AAFSC coach for a carbon-copy Data Collection/Consent to Test Form. Complete this form fully and bring the white copy to testing (note: athletes WILL NOT be tested if they do not have a waiver signed by their parent)




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