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Client Success Update (Plymouth)


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Name: Dwayne and Amy Bates

Start Date: 3/12/2015

Assessment Date: 4/23/2015

Fitness Practitioner: Devin Tarrant

Assessment Results: Dwayne lost 14.5lbs of fat, Amy lost 8.5. Both gained 3lb lean mass.

1.)  How did you hear about AFS?

D: A Friend at Work Told me about AFS.

A: Dwayne’s friend told him about it, then he told me!

2.)  What/Who inspired you to take the first step toward getting in shape?

D: I wanted to improve my physical conditioning so I could be more competitive in my duathlons.

A: After gaining 25 extra pounds during my off season and certain clothes not fitting I decided it was time to get in shape again. I also joined AFS to get stronger so I could be more competitive in my marathons and duathlons.

3.)  What initially intrigued you about our program/why did you sign up?

D: I really liked the idea of the personal attention received from the practitioner. It would keep me on track and provide me with tips and guidance that I wouldn’t normally receive. Also the Strength Solution class  is similar to having a personal trainer with you for each workout.

A: I’ve always wanted to train with a personal trainer and AFS provides the personal attention I wanted. When I first started the program, I was skeptical about how much personal attention I’d receive but I quickly learned you’re never alone and my Practitioner keeps me on track and accountable.

4.)  How did you achieve the success you’ve seen thus far?

D: The program provides an easy format to follow with diet and exercise. I simply followed the advice I was given and put in the workout time. 

A: I simply followed the program my Practitioner put in place for me and gave 100% effort at every weight loss/strength class. 

5.) What changes have you noticed in your life since starting with AFS?

D: Aside from the body composition changes, I have developed a more scheduled workout routine and I’ve been watching my diet much more closely. These things have worked together to make me feel better and improve my biking and running. 

A: I’m making healthier food choices and not over eating.  My overall health is better. I can run faster and bike harder for longer periods of time. This year’s season of 5Ks, half marathons, full marathons, and duathlons will be more successful than the previous year!!

6.)  Advice you can offer others looking to make changes like you’ve made?

D: Believe in the system and trust your practitioner. The system works if you’re willing to trust it and put in some hours of sweat time. 

A: My practitioner Devin, knows what’s best! I had a difficult time trusting his advice because my weight loss wasn’t moving fast enough for me. I expected overnight success. However, I’m living proof that the program works. Believe in the system! Believe in your Practitioner!


Congrats Dwayne and Amy! Keep it up!

-AFS Team

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