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Client Success Update (Plymouth)



Name: Jen Cheetam

Start Date:  2/10/2015

Fitness Practitioner: Devin Tarrant

Results To Date: 15lbs of fat lost, 7lbs of lean mass gained

 1) How did you hear about AFS?

From a friend’s friend who works out at the Ann Arbor location in December but started at Plymouth location on grand opening day in February after bugging Devin for a good month beforehand:)

 2) What/Who inspired you to take the first step toward getting in shape?

The need to feel healthy and fit and lose some weight too.

 3) What initially intrigued you about our program/why did you sign up?

  1. The uniqueness of AFS programs along with the evaluation and feedback of weekly food logs.

 4) How did you achieve the success you’ve seen thus far?

Consistent workouts, food logging to keep me accountable for what I ate and the advice from great practioners at AFS.

5) What changes have you noticed in your life since starting with AFS?

Increased energy and health and weight loss.

6) Advice you can offer others looking to make changes you’ve made?

Be consistent but if you slip up, just know there’s always tomorrow to turn things around:)

Go Jen! One of our first Plymouth clients!!

-AFS Team

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