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Name: Angela Klein

Start Date:  6/13/2014

Fitness Practitioner: Jared Freeman

Results:Body fat went from 24% to %14 in first 3 months. Has maintained ever since.

 1) How did you hear about AFS?

I was desperate to get in shape and fit into my old clothes, and I had gained about 20 pounds since My wedding in 2010. Having a regular gym membership was not working for me, because I had no one to hold me accountable. So I did an internet search for personal training programs that I could afford. That is how I found AFS.

 2) What/Who inspired you to take the first step toward getting in shape?

I never wanted to wear a bathing suit, but I wanted to swim with my 7 & 5 year old niece and nephew. I asked my mom if I looked fat in my bathing suit and my niece over heard me, and then she asked her mom if she looked fat. I felt so bad! I didn’t want to teach her to be insecure about herself. So I decided I wanted to set a better example and just do something about it.

 3) What initially intrigued you about our program/why did you sign up?

I found it really appealing that AFS assigns a practitioner to their clients for accountability. I also liked that clients are encouraged to schedule an assessment every 6 weeks, and there is no extra charge for this. I feel like The staff at AFS really wants to help me to reach my goals. Also I like that all the staff at AFS are educated in exercise science.

 4) How did you achieve the success you’ve seen thus far?

I log my calories everyday, and schedule assessments almost every 6 weeks with my practitioner.
The assessments have really helped me to see the direct impact that subtle changes in my calorie intake and exercise have had on my shape. Also, I keep a picture on the background of my phone of what I want to look like.

 5) What changes have you noticed in your life since starting with AFS?

Well, my body fat percentage went down from 24% to 14% in the first few months. I’ve had a lot more energy, and almost all my clothes fit now. And I am not afraid to wear a bathing suit anymore.

6) Advice you can offer others looking to make changes you’ve made?

My favorite quote: “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
 Also, it can be difficult going to class as a shy person, but just remember this is about your own fitness journey, there is no pressure to be social. Plus the staff here make a huge effort to remember everyone’s name and to be friendly in general. It is not a stressful environment, it’s actually kinda fun 🙂

Congrats Angela, emphasis on KINDA fun 😉

-AFS Team

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