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Athlete Success Story: Samantha A.


How Did You Find AFS?

I attended a free seminar that was offered to members of Unified Volleyball, the volleyball club I coach for. There they talked about how their program would help reduce injuries and improve athlete performance by targeting each individual’s weak areas. I enjoy working out on my own, but some professional, science-based guidance seemed like a good idea.

Why Did You Decide to Take Action?

I had been plagued with injuries ever since my shoulder surgery in college, mainly because I failed to properly strengthen key parts of my body before returning to play. I knew this was something I needed to do if I wanted to continue playing competitive volleyball.

Most Rewarding Part of This Process?

I feel strong again! Just three years ago I suffered a 1.5yr long foot injury that kept me off my feet as much as possible, since just even walking hurt too much. This cost me almost all my leg muscle strength, with significant muscle atrophy visible in my injured leg. It is great to see how far I have come since then, and you can tell that I’m showing much more lean muscle mass now!

What Was Your Most Surprising Part of This Process?

My vertical jump improved! At 29, I thought I had reached my max jump. But gaining 2 inches is amazing, and in volleyball, it’s a huge deal! I’m at a new personal best now, but still, have a few inches to go before I reach my goal. 🙂

Any Advice You Can Give to Others Looking to Make Changes Like You Have?

Believe in yourself and believe in the process. I learned after my foot injury that things don’t get fixed overnight. It takes time and commitment to make a change, but as soon as you make it a habit in your lifestyle, it’s smooth sailing till you reach your goals!

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