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Amazing AFS Clients- Spencer Rice



Name: Spencer Rice

Practitioner: Kemper Sosa

Results to Date: Down 42 pounds, down 13% body fat, and down 25 inches overall

How long have you been a client with AFS?
I’ve been a client for over three and a half years!

What do you look forward to the most when coming to AFS?
Getting a great and healthy workout with the many friends my wife and I have made at AFS. That is, the Practitioners and the clients both.

What has been the most rewarding part?
Seeing the positive and sustained changes in me. Both in the physical changes you can see (weight and muscle for example) and the metabolic changes you can’t see. For example my HDL (the good stuff) is way up, my BP is excellent, and my resting heart rate is outstanding. It was all done without pills from the doctor. I just followed the plan that the AFS professionals laid out for me.

What keeps you going/keeps you motivated? (What’s your “Why”?)
Seeing that this actually works and is having a very positive effect on my health and outlook on life.

What has been the hardest part?
Doing lunges!!

What is your favorite exercise and why?
Up down, plank jacks. For some reason they are my favorite and I can do them all day. By the way, before I came to AFS I didn’t even know what a “plank jack” was.

What advice can you offer others looking to start?
Give AFS a try and understand that it may take a month or two to break your physical and mental ‘inertia’ and get into a workout rhythm.  When I came to AFS I honestly thought I knew what I was doing with exercise and eating. It turned out – I didn’t have a clue!!  I now know what a healthy lifestyle (eating and exercise) really means, and it has been a very positive ‘game changer’ for my health.


Spence, we love your dance moves and your daily jokes! We’ve enjoyed the past three years and can’t wait to see what the future holds with you! 🙂

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