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Amazing AFS Clients- John Birchler


John & Practs

Name: John Birchler

Practitioner: Brooke McCartney

Results to Date: Down 37 pounds, down 15% body fat, and down 20.25 inches overall

How long have you been a client with AFS?
I’ve been a client since May 15, 2015. That life-changing date of my initial assessment is etched forever in my brain.

What do you look forward to the most when coming to AFS?
The people! Front desk staff, fitness practitioners, and fellow members. AFS is such a family atmosphere. It’s so easy to come to work out. I actually miss going if it’s a few days between workouts or I’ve been out of town.

What has been the most rewarding part?
This must be obvious – the results. My body has been completely remade. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life and weigh less than I did in my early 30s (20+ years).

What keeps you going/keeps you motivated? (What’s your “Why”?)
The comments I get from family, friends, my clients, and when I’m asked how did I do it. This allows me to talk about the process which just reinforces what I’m doing. And I just feel so much better than I have in years! I have more energy, more confidence, more belief in myself.

What has been the hardest part?
I’m not sure how to answer this. I suspect the hardest part will come when my progress slows down and isn’t as noticeable. Then, maybe the motivation will be more difficult. For now, I’ve always made progress from assessment to assessment, whether it’s weight loss, body fat percentage decrease, new muscles, an ability to do things in class that I wasn’t able to do before. I think that Brooke, Bailey, and the rest of the staff will find ways to help push me to greater heights one way or another. They’re good at that.

What is your favorite exercise and why?
Another hard question because I KNOW what my LEAST favorites are – anything with feet in the straps in Weight Loss Solution (WLS) and split squats in Strength Solution. I guess my favorite in WLS is the one where your hands are on the steps and you jump your legs from side to side (I never know the names). It’s hard as hell, but I like it in some strange way. In strength solution, I like the decline presses. It feels like my chest is getting bigger with each rep!

What advice can you offer others looking to start?
A) Make the commitment to yourself.

B) I always tell the practitioners, I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. The system works so following that mantra will get you results. I’ll give a funny example. The last time I was in WLS with Brooke, she had a scratchy throat and her voice was much softer than usual. But her supersonic ears were working great. We got to the last station (boxing bags) and the 2nd exercise was a wall sit with a foam roller. I said to Rick next to me that I hated wall sits when I first started but now they felt like a break and he agreed. “But, you can’t say anything to Brooke,” I said, “because otherwise she’ll make us do something with that 35 pound weight plate that is sitting between us.” Sure enough, a couple sets later, she told me to put it on my thighs during the wall sits. Oh, the burn! I never would have used it on my own, but “I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.”

We’re so proud of you, John! You’ve had an awesome journey so far and we know you will continue to make great strides! 🙂

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