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AFS Client Showcase: Kimberly and Reagan!


KimberlyMeet Kimberly Lang! She started in July!

What motivates you to come to class?

I like hiking. A lot, actually. When I lived in Colorado, a day off of work was often spent walking a trail somewhere. Since moving back east, I don’t often get out to nature like I used to. On those occasions when I have headed into the woods, it hasn’t been as easy as it was years ago.

The other weekend, I met a friend in the UP and we walked around Tahquamenon Falls. The viewing platform to the Upper Falls was 94 steps down. I made it down and took some pictures, then headed back up. I wanted to see how many I could do before I needed to take a ‘scenic moment’ and rest/catch my breath. I started up at a moderate, yet steady pace. And made it all the way to the top! I’m not going to say that I wasn’t breathing hard when I got up there, but I didn’t need to stop on the way up! That would not have been the case last year. THAT’S what motivates me to come to class. That (although I’m not yet a size 2–LoL!) all the work and guidance Claire has given me is working!

What excites you most about starting your journey with AFS?

I started working on bettering my fitness at the beginning of this year.  The prior year was a rough one, and I stopped caring for myself as I got things back on track.  So as I tried to work by myself at a large gym, I found I had a lot of questions that I couldn’t get easily answered.  Also, due to a prior broken ankle and lower back strain, I often went home in a lot of pain.

I’m excited to come to class knowing that not only will I work my entire body, but there is a trained fitness professional who can make sure that I am not going to injure myself because I’m not doing the exercise correctly.  I like that the exercises can be modified for my restrictions, and that the trainers take the time to know us and are as committed to our success as we are.

When not at work or AFS, what do you like to do in your free time?

Well, there’s the hiking as mentioned above, I also enjoy canoeing and kayaking.  My husband used to tell me that I have a pretty good eye for photography, so that’s also something I’ve been taking up recently.
I bought a house last year, so I’ve been busy painting, decorating, and landscaping on the weekends.  It keeps a girl busy, that’s for sure!

If you could make one food become 0 calories, what would it be?

Tater tots.  I am the original Tater Tot Kid.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I think time travel would be pretty cool.  It would be nice to see the Renaissance or spend a Saturday night in a speakeasy. Or just go back in time and tell young me to step away from the Tater Tots…  😉

img_5712Meet Reagan! She started in July too!

What motivates you to come to class?

Attending class at AFS is one thing on my daily to-do list that I don’t dread doing! I feel motivated to attend AFS because I know that I can expect different exercises in each class and plenty of enthusiasm from the trainers, which makes working out more of an incentive and less of a chore! I appreciate the welcoming feeling each time I enter the door, as I am surrounded by those with similar goals that ultimately better themselves.

What excites you most about starting your journey with AFS?

I was so excited to start a journey with AFS because they provided EXACTLY what I was looking for! As a former collegiate athlete, I found that I felt lost when I stepped into other gyms. AFS provided the workout structure and nutritional accountability that I was seeking. It did not take long before I started seeing results – increased energy, improved fitness and changing health habits. Seeing positive changes inspires me to keep going!

When not at work or AFS, what do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy reading, art fairs, farmers markets, exploring the many parks of Ann Arbor, and playing with dogs any chance I get.

If you could make one food become 0 calories, what would it be?

COOKIES. Big, soft, melty, chocolate chip cookies.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

If I could have one superpower, it would be to speak and understand any language. Including speaking to animals!

The #AFSfam is so thrilled to have you two around with all of your positivity 🙂

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