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A Trainer’s Letter to My Past Self



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Dear Hot Shot Fitness Pro,

I sit here today writing you as a 6 year veteran in the fitness industry. Admittedly that’s not even a decade, but It’s remarkable how much I’ve learned in the short time since leaving college. I’ve had many great successes and an equal amount of failures in this business and over the years I’ve learned that most of both boiled down to one thing: Empathy.

I’d like to save you from making a fool of yourself, so I came up with this list. Hopefully it will help guide you in your journey 😉

  1. Be a Person.  The quality of your relationships with your people will dictate their (and your) success.. Employees, clients, colleagues, will respond when they know you really care about them.
  2. Listen. You can prove how smart you are over time, take time from the get go to ask important questions and understand your people on a personal level. They’ll appreciate it.
  3. Forget you’re getting paid. A personal trainer has the power to impart positive change on a person’s ENTIRE life, your role transcends fitness. Let that notion guide your actions and forget transactions. Those who align with your purpose will stay.
  4. Fitness is likely not your client’s top priority, and that’s ok!  Come to terms with this fact and set realistic expectations.
  5. When clients “fail,” it doesn’t mean they don’t care. Dig deeper and you’ll find meaningful solutions.
  6. Smile! You’re a leader in your environment, your body language will dictate how people interact with you and others. Do you feel safe and excited when your boss is scowling? Didn’t think so.

You’ve got a long road ahead of you, but rest assured you’ve found your calling.


Devin Tarrant







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